The iconic green SPRITE bottle is now switching to clear and transparent PET packaging to boost the value of the packaging after use and drive up recycling rates 

Jakarta, 18 February 2021 Coca-Cola Indonesia announced today that Sprite, one of the company's biggest brands, is switching its iconic green-colored packaging to a clear PET bottle design to make it easier to recycle. This announcement is in conjunction with the celebration of Hari Peduli Sampah Nasional 2021 (Indonesia's National Waste Awareness Day 2021) under the theme "Waste Becomes a Raw Economic Material in the Pandemic". The action of switching to a clear Sprite bottle to boost packaging recyclability in Indonesia is well aligned with this year’s theme.

The Sprite Clear Bottle Launch was attended by a representative from the Ministry of Environment & Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia, Coca-Cola Indonesia, Waste4Change, and youth influencers.  

"The Sprite brand is well known in the wider community for its refreshing taste of lemon-lime and its iconic green packaging. The switch to clear packaging for Sprite is therefore a big step for us. We want to invite the public to also contribute solutions through the “LihatDenganJernih” (See Clearly) Project, which is designed to help increase the recycling rate of plastic packaging in Indonesia," explained Fitriana Adhisti, Senior Brand. Manager, PT Coca Cola Indonesia.  

Coca-Cola Indonesia believes that multi stakeholder collaboration across government, business, NGOs and consumers can help boost recycling rates in the country and increase local demand for products made from recycled PET bottles.

"We always appreciate the role and commitment of the business world in their efforts to support the government's commitment to waste management from product packaging. With the collaboration of all parties, including the government and producers, we hope that there will be more public awareness to sort and manage plastic packaging waste," said Novrizal Tahar, Director of Waste Management at the Ministry of Environment & Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia.

Moving towards a waste-free Indonesia


Sprite’s shift to clear and transparent packaging in Indonesia is a concrete step towards achieving Coca-Cola’s global vision of a World Without Waste in which the company aims to collect and recycle a bottle or can for every one it sells by the end of the decade. In the Indonesia context, this means helping to increase collection and recycling rates and helping to strengthen the existing recycling industry and collection infrastructure. 

PT Coca-Cola Indonesia's Director of Public Affairs, Communication and Sustainability, Triyono Prijosoesilo said, “We have a goal of reducing waste; designing recyclable packaging, collection and recycling 100% of what we sell by 2030 and partnering with organizations that can help us scale solutions. This latest innovation with brand Sprite brings us one step closer to realizing our global vision of a World Without Waste. We hope this move helps to boost the overall collection and recycling of PET bottles in Indonesia and also inspires consumers to contribute to a waste free environment in Indonesia. "

In the plastic recycling value chain, PET has many important properties; it is safe, light weight, malleabie, easy to recycle and shatter proof. This is especially true for clear PET, which, if properly collected and recycled, can be widely used again and again either as high-quality rPET bottles or other useful products. Based on research conducted by GA Circular, it was found that although colored PET bottles can technically be recycled, the transition from colored PET to clear PET will significantly increase the value of plastics in the after-use market. 

"Judging from what we saw in the field, this clear PET bottle is exactly what the recycling industry needs. This bottle is easier to convert into other useful objects, so that if this agenda is managed properly, it can help drive a circular economy. Therefore, the impact is potentially quite broad,” explained M. Bijaksana Junerosano, Managing Director of Waste4Change.

Inspiring collective action

Together with the launch of the  new Sprite clear PET bottle packaging is the invitation to join the "LihatDenganJernih" (See Clearly) Project, a collective movement to encourage Indonesian consumers to manage and collect their used PET plastic bottles so they can be recycled into useful objects for those in need.

Sprite® is collaborating with Waste4Change as a collection partner for the LihatDenganJernih Project. Consumers can send their collected used PET bottles to the nearest waste bank so the bottles can be collected, recycled and converted into eyeglasses made from recycled content, manufactured by PlusTik. At the end of the campaign period, the glasses will be distributed to help those with visual impairments through the Yayasan Sejuta Kacamata Untuk Indonesia.

On the same occasion, Kevin Julio, from Artists, Musicians and Young People Who Care for the Environment, also expressed his support. Kevin contends that now, people, especially young people, have started to care more about environmental issues and innovations like this from Sprite are concrete steps.

"Sometimes we forget about small steps in dealing with the problem of plastic waste in Indonesia. At least if we understand about recycling, we can achieve dreams about creating a better environment more quickly, "said Kevin.

The “'LihatDenganJernih” (See Clearly)' project will run for three months from February to April 2021. The first 500 consumers who participate will have the opportunity to contribute to the donation movement of glasses made from rPET by PlusTik. Not only that,  participating consumers will also have the opportunity to obtain these glasses made from recycled PET. Information about the “'LihatDenganJernih” (See Clearly)' Project can be found on the Sprite Instagram account.

"We hope our new clear Sprite bottle packaging will be well received by Indonesian consumers and will have a positive impact on the recycling process and implementation of a circular economy in Indonesia," concluded Fitriana.

Sprite drinks in clear PET bottles will be available in supermarkets, minimarkets and retail stores throughout Indonesia starting February 18, 2021. Sprite Clear Bottle will be available in 250ml, 390ml and 500ml sizes.  Larger packing sizes, such as 1L and 1.5L PET bottles are also available. To learn more about Coca-Cola Indonesia’s World Without Waste vision, visit